The Diary of a Happy Mom: 40 and Beyond

The trials and tribulations of an adventurous modern mom

Keeping your body and mind alive and well

“The body is a sacred garment. It’s your first and last garment; it is what you enter life in and

what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor”.

– Martha Graham

Sunset in Roatan, Honduras

Today I committed myself to the practice of yoga. I signed up at a local yoga studio and took the first step for finding inner peace, harmony and strength. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never really given yoga a chance. To me, a diehard runner who craves high impact, adrenaline pumping sports like running, downhill skiing, swimming and long-distance hiking, yoga sounded too boring.

I have always felt in sync with my body. I knew when I was pregnant, I know when I’m sick, I sense when something is not right. Yet I never came to terms with the wear and tear of having a type-A, high strung, high energy personality. I never accepted or dealt with any kind of relaxing ways to take care of my overly tight and painful shoulder and neck. Problems that I’ve dealt with ever since I was 13 years old, which is almost 30 years. Instead, I let the stress soak into my body and continue to aggravate my chronic neck pain, my constant headaches and misery.

The only things that ever seemed to ease my chronic pain were short-lived. So today, after almost 30 years of neck and back pain I took the first step in what I hope will change my life and lead me to become pain free. I took my first Hatha Yoga class. The heart of Hatha Yoga is to let yourself understand and feel every muscle and inch of your body through a series of slow postures, stretches and poses, all while practicing breathing in and out in a purifying, peaceful way. Hatha Yoga also focuses on the mind as well which is extremely important for someone like me whose mind is constantly racing and cannot seem to settle down.

The lights were low, candles were burning softly, and soft music was playing while I let my entire being unwind and open up. It was such an enlightening, hopeful feeling that I almost wanted to let out a sigh of relief at the end. After months of living in a state of high stress, anxiety and pain dealing with my father’s cancer, for once I felt like I was alive again. My body, heart and soul felt less dark and a heavy cloud was lifted.

Of course yoga will not erase the pain or make it all go away. But I’m hoping that the practice of yoga will not only relieve some of my physical pain but also my emotional distress. That it will provide me with an escape that will give me the break and relaxation that I need to help me forward.

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