The Diary of a Happy Mom: 40 and Beyond

The trials and tribulations of an adventurous modern mom

Girls Night Out


Tonight me and my girl went out for a special dinner. Lately I’ve been so distraught and distracted that its been hard on my children. They have needed me more yet I’ve needed more time away. Knowing that I will not be spending Thanksgiving with them I decided to dedicate this weekend to being with them. Tonight I went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants for some special time with Sophia. She even shared her hot fudge sundae with me!

It is funny how perceptive children can be and how much more they understand my emotions than I think they do. It is nice to take a step back and remember that they need me just as much as I need my parents right now.

Tuesday I arrive in Arizona to see my mom and dad at the start of my dad’s chemo. It has been awhile since I was last there. I know the trip will be hard yet I look forward to finally being there to offer my love and support. And hopefully finally being able to release some of my turbulent emotions. Love cures all.

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