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Summer At Last

After a long, treacherous winter finally summer has arrived. The sun is shining gloriously in the brilliant blue sky while a gentle fragrant breeze of flowering trees softens over my body. After six long months of cold, dreary weather our long awaited reward has finally arrived.

Minnesota flower

I realized today that I have not written on this blog since the cold spell of February. A lot has passed over those months. I went to Cuba. I visited my family in Tucson. My dad’s cancer ebbed and flowed. My soul rose and dropped. I realized that like the stagnant, harsh winter my soul had somewhat frozen as well and I was trapped in a daily fight for simply getting through the day.

I kept myself busy. Perhaps too busy. With yoga, volunteering, running or anything that got me out of the house. I also kept away from my computer and writing in here. I felt that sharing my inner soul would hurt too much. So I turned back to my more impersonal storytelling on my other blogs. They were easier and an escape.

I wrote a heartfelt piece on Elephant Journal about my life since my father’s diagnosis with cancer. It is a battle that has had many ups and downs. Many false hopes, disappointments and renewed faith. I’ve realized that unfortunately he will never be completely free of cancer. His kind is the type that tends to come back again and again. Although he is currently cancer free for the moment, it is only a moment. I sincerely hope it never comes back again but there is a possibility that it will. So I have to remain positive and strong.

Minnesota Summer Flower


I look forward to the upcoming months of summer. To a return to a more relaxed, easier pace of life. A time to live in the moment and spend time outdoors and with my family. A time to appreciate all the wonderful things we have on this earth. And try to remember these words:

“Happiness depends more on how life strikes you than on what happens.” – Andy Rooney

Attitude is key.


4 comments on “Summer At Last

  1. LuAnn
    May 30, 2014

    Your part of the country deserves to finally have some beautiful weather. I believe I can relate to how you feel about your father’s journey with cancer. Although I try not to dwell on this subject, I find that it still hovers in the shadows. Terry recently shared with me that he suspects his cancer will come back again at some point, which is why he tries to live out each day to the fullest. I am the worrier, trying to make sure his diet is as healthy as possible, etc. etc. My thoughts are so often with you Nicole. Big hugs being sent your way.

    • thirdeyemom
      May 30, 2014

      Thanks LuAnn! We thought it was all clear and then it shocked us by growing back slightly. It is a month by month basis. Hard. But we are still fighting and he is still doing amazing! 🙂

      • LuAnn
        May 30, 2014

        You are all in my prayers.

      • thirdeyemom
        June 4, 2014

        You are so kind LuAnn! 🙂

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