The Diary of a Happy Mom: 40 and Beyond

The trials and tribulations of an adventurous modern mom


imageSometimes life requires a big, deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Slow, deep and sure.

Sometimes I wonder why we live in such a crazy, high speed, frenetic pace. Where are we running to anyway?

Why don’t we stop to take a breath and enjoy the fresh fragrance of summer flowers?

Why can’t we stop and just sit. Think. Reflect. Love. Laugh. Smile. And breathe?

I often feel the deep, nagging push of American-style life when I return home from a trip abroad. I often muse at all the things I miss about life in a simpler, less hurried place. I miss waking up and listening to the birds or watching the sunset and smelling the fragrance of the air. To starting the day without a plan or map. To simply being and existing in the moment.

Perhaps that is why we crave to travel? A way to break from the mundane routine. A way to challenge oneself by doing, seeing and learning new things. A break to stop and just be still. To think. To marvel. And to reflect on what a miraculous thing we have, to simply be alive.



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